Visit Southern Finland

Southern Finland is a beautiful part of the country, full of natural beauty and historical sites. Located to the south of Oulu, it's home to many different types of landscapes, from urban cities to rural villages. One popular tourist attraction is Nuuksio National Park, where visitors can explore its lush forests and lakes.

History buffs will have plenty to do in Southern Finland too - the area is known for its many historical sites, such as Viapori Fortress and Suomenlinna Sea Fortress in Helsinki. These fortresses were built by Sweden during their rule over Finland in the 17th century and are now open for visitors to explore.

For those looking for a great cultural experience in Southern Finland, why not visit Turku? This vibrant city has been the capital of Finland since 1809 and was declared a European Capital of Culture in 2011 - there are plenty of fascinating attractions here such as The Turku Castle and The Cathedral Museum.