Discover Helsinki

1.1 million

Helsinki is the capital of Finland, located on the southern coast of the country and stretching along the Gulf of Finland. It is home to a population of around 630,000 people and offers a unique blend of ancient and modern attractions, from its medieval cityscape to its world-class contemporary architecture.

The most popular attraction in Helsinki is Senate Square, which was designed by renowned architect Carl Ludvig Engel in 1822. This historic square is dominated by four impressive buildings: Helsinki Cathedral, Government Palace, University of Helsinki Main Building, and National Library.

Another must-see spot in Helsinki is Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, an 18th century naval fortress spread across six islands that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also explore Kauppatori Market Square at the harbor which hosts lively market stalls selling fresh fish as well as souvenirs and handicrafts. For those looking for something more cultural activities can take place at Kiasma (the Finnish National Gallery) or Sibelius Monument where you can enjoy live music performances during summertime.

Best time to visit

Month Temp (Min/Max) Avg. Weather Touristy Mark
January -4°C / -1°C
February -4°C / -1°C
March -2°C / -1°C
April 3°C / 6°C
May 10°C / 13°C
June 15°C / 18°C
July 18°C / 21°C
August 17°C / 20°C
September 13°C / 16°C
October 7°C / 9°C
November 4°C / 5°C
December 0°C / 2°C