Discover Montélimar

Montelimar is a city on the banks of the Rhone River in southeastern France. It's known for its production of nougat, a traditional French confection made from honey, sugar and nuts. The town's streets are lined with small shops that sell this sweet treat. Montelimar is also an ideal destination for those who love history and architecture; many landmarks date back to the Middle Ages, including the Church of Saint-Martin which was built in 1150.

Visitors to Montelimar have plenty to see and do during their stay. One must-see attraction is Fort Barraux, an 18th-century star fort that overlooks the town from atop a hillside - it's now open as a historic monument and offers guided tours throughout its grounds. Alternatively, those looking to enjoy nature should pay a visit to nearby NaturaPark Verdon Regional Natural Park or take part in wine tasting at one of Montelimar's numerous vineyards.