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Chapelle des Visitandines

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Place of worship < 1 hour

98 Rue de Paris, 89000 Auxerre, France

The Chapelle des Visitandines is a charming historical chapel nestled in the city of Auxerre, France. This religious monument, with its distinct architectural style, reflects the erudition and devotion of the Visitandine nuns who once resided here. The chapel is a testament to the rich religious history of Auxerre, offering a serene atmosphere for visitors seeking tranquility amidst their journey.

While visiting the Chapelle des Visitandines, one can admire the beautiful stained glass windows that embellish the chapel, telling biblical stories with their vibrant colors. Additionally, the chapel’s baroque-style altar, with its intricate detailing, is a sight to behold. The chapel is not just a place of worship, but also a place that offers a glimpse into the rich cultural and historical fabric of Auxerre.

Plan your visit

  1. Take a guided tour to learn more about the history and architecture of this historic building.
  2. Check out the renovation work being done to modernize parts of the chapel while still maintaining its original beauty.
  3. Visit during Mass or other religious services for a unique experience in this Chapel’s spiritual atmosphere.
  4. Enjoy the stained-glass windows and ornate ceilings, as well as beautiful sculptures depicting Biblical scenes and characters from Christian lore.
  5. Stay on the lookout for interesting works of art scattered throughout, such as frescoes, paintings and other decorations that add color to an already stunning chapel!

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