Discover Mâcon

Macon is a charming town located in the east of France, in Burgundy. It is an important historical site, renowned for its castles and abbeys as well as its vineyards. With winding cobbled streets and picturesque alleys lined with stone houses, Macon offers a unique atmosphere to experience.

One of the main attractions in Macon is Chateau des Brouillards, an 11th century castle which overlooks the city from the hillside. Visitors can explore rooms filled with impressive furniture from various eras and admire stunning views across the city and countryside beyond.

Also worth seeing is Abbaye Saint-Pierre de Cluny, founded by Benedictine monks in 909 AD. This vast complex consists of three cloisters surrounded by gardens as well as Romanesque buildings such as an old refectory or chapel - all set against a backdrop of rolling countryside.

Finally, wine connoisseurs should not miss out on a visit to Cave de Lugny - one of Macon's many wineries where visitors can enjoy tastings and learn about local vintages while admiring breathtaking views over vineyards stretching into the horizon.