Discover Nevers

45.9 thousand

The city of Nevers is located in the central region of France and is part of the departement Nievre. It has a rich history that dates back to Roman times. This is evident from its old buildings, monuments, churches, museums and other attractions.

Nevers is known for its incredibly detailed Gothic cathedral which was built in 12th century and proudly stands in the centre of Nevers today. The Chateau de Nevers nearby provides a glimpse into life during medieval times with its expansive grounds and grand architecture.

The city itself offers plenty to explore including two unique markets held on Fridays, hence known as 'Les Vendeurs' (the sellers). There are also several theme gardens around town that provide an interesting way to spend time outdoors while discovering different species of plants and animals native to the area.

Finally, local cuisine takes centre stage here with restaurants serving up traditional dishes inspired by their pre-industrial heritage such as Poulet aux morilles (chicken with morel mushrooms) or Poulet a l'estragon (chicken cooked with tarragon). Whether you're exploring history or indulging your taste buds, there's something to experience in this charming French city!