Discover Lorient

Lorient is a charming port city located in the Brittany region of France. It is known for its strong maritime heritage and picturesque coastal views. Visitors can experience the uniqueness of this city through its lively markets, fascinating museums, and exciting festivals.

A visit to Lorient's open-air markets is an excellent way to immerse oneself into the culture of the city. A must-visit spot is Centre Nautique which hosts many events throughout the year as well as a wide variety of restaurants, boutiques, and attractions. The Museum de la Compagnie des Indes Orientales offers a great insight into Lorient's rich maritime history while also displaying artifacts from various French Colonies.

In addition to exploring what Lorient has to offer on land, there are plenty of beach activities available in summertime such as swimming, sailing and windsurfing on Le Crouesty Beach or visiting nearby islands like Belle Ile en Mer or Groix Island via ferry. Lastly, every July locals celebrate with numerous festivals filled with live music entertainment including Les Francofolies de Lorient which hosts some famed performers from around the world!