Discover Orléans

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Orleans is a city located in the north-central region of France. It lies on the banks of the Loire River, and it has been home to some major historical events. Orleans was Charles VII's base during his campaign against the English in 1429, and it was also home to Joan of Arc during her siege of Orleans in 1429. With its rich history, Orleans has become a hub for tourists wanting to explore both culture and nature.

When visiting the city there are countless things to see and experience. One must-see attraction is Place du Martroi Square which contains a large statue dedicated to Joan of Arc who saved the city from siege back in 1429. Another popular destination is Sainte Croix Cathedral, a Gothic structure built between 1278 - 1335 that houses an impressive crypt with an ancient collection of artefacts from all around Europe. If you want to get back into nature, head on over to Parc floral de la Source where you can take walks around its lush gardens or go boating on their massive lake!