Visit Corsica

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Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, located south of mainland France and west of the Italian peninsula. It is known for its stunning landscapes, featuring turquoise waters, sandy beaches, and rugged mountains. The regional capital of Ajaccio is a popular destination for visitors thanks to its rich history and cultural attractions. Visitors should explore the Citadelle de Calvi--a medieval citadel with incredible views--and take a tour through the historic streets of Bonifacio for a glimpse into Corsican culture.

Corsica has been inhabited since prehistoric times by various civilizations including Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Italians - all leaving their mark on the island's culture. It was also home to Napoleon Bonaparte from 1769-1791; his birthplace in Ajaccio remains a tourist attraction today. In more recent history, Corsica became part of France during the 18th century after centuries under Genoese rule. Overall Corsica offers visitors an enchanting mix of natural beauty and cultural treasures to explore!