Discover Coupvray

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Coupvray is a small town located east of Paris in the Ile-de-France region of France. It is best known as the hometown of French inventor, Louis Braille. The city has a rich history and many attractions to explore.

The main attraction in Coupvray is the Maison Natale de Louis Braille, or the Birthplace of Braille Museum. This museum gives visitors a glimpse into the life and inventions of this famous 19th century innovator. Other attractions include Chateau de Courances, an 18th century castle with expansive grounds popular for picnicking and exploring; nearby Bois de Vincennes, a large park with beautiful gardens and nature trails; and L'Espace Garenne Lemot, an art gallery specializing in modern installations from local artists.

Coupvray also has several restaurants offering traditional French cuisine as well as bars where you can enjoy a glass of wine or craft beer from local brewers. Shopping options are plentiful, including vintage stores and boutiques carrying items made by local artisans. The city also hosts special events throughout the year such as music festivals and food fairs that attract visitors from all over France.