Discover Palaiseau

Palaiseau is a commune located in the south-central region of France, in the Essonne department. It is bordered by Massy to the north, Bievres and Gif-sur-Yvette to the east, Lozere to the west and Orsay to the south. The population of Palaiseau is approximately 22,000 inhabitants.

For visitors looking for a tranquil escape from Paris and its hustle, Palaiseau makes an excellent option. It offers beautiful open countryside with lush green fields framed by forested hillsides that provide plenty of opportunities for outdoor pursuits such as hiking and mountain biking. There are also some charming local villages that are worth exploring too!

The city also has several sights worth visiting including Chateau de la Madeleine, an 18th century chateau which has been converted into a museum dedicated to regional history; Centre National de Ski Nautique et d'Equitation (CNSE) which is home to an Olympic standard pool complex perfect for watersports enthusiasts; and Domaine St Louis Arboretum - a wonderful botanical garden packed full of rare plants from around the world!