Discover Versailles

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Versailles is a city located in the country of France, about 10 miles southwest of central Paris. It is known for its grand palace and gardens, which were the residence of the French monarchy from 1682 until 1789. The Palace of Versailles is a magnificent Baroque-style masterpiece that features some of France's most iconic artwork. Visitors can explore stunning galleries filled with royal collections and marvel at the Hall of Mirrors, where Louis XIV received his foreign dignitaries. The expansive gardens offer picturesque views and numerous attractions such as fountains, sculptures and even an outdoor theater. Another popular attraction in Versailles is the Grand Trianon Palace, which was built as a retreat for Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette during their reigns. With its many elegant buildings and lush gardens, Versailles offers visitors a unique glimpse into French history that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world.