Visit Normandy

3.5 million

Normandy is a beautiful French region located in the northwest portion of France. It is known for its stunning coastline, seaside cliffs, and iconic World War II landmarks. There are plenty of tourist attractions to explore in Normandy including the beaches of Omaha and Utah that played an important role in the D-Day landings. Other popular sites include Mont Saint Michel which offers breathtaking views, Bayeux Tapestry Museum which houses one of the oldest embroidered tapestries in the world, and Chateau de Falaise which was once home to William Conqueror.

For a unique historical experience, visitors can explore La Cote de Nacre or "Pearl Coast," an artificial harbor constructed by Nazi forces during World War II. This is a great place to learn more about this period of history and reflect on those who fought for freedom during this time.

No matter what you're looking for, Normandy has something for everyone!