Discover Agen

58.2 thousand

Agen is a city in the southwest of France, located in the Lot-et-Garonne department. This ancient Roman settlement situated on the River Garonne has been inhabited since prehistoric times and offers plenty of attractions for visitors.
The city centre has a vibrant atmosphere with its narrow winding streets, quaint squares and old architecture. It also has many public parks, gardens and monuments to discover. The pleasant climate makes Agen an ideal destination for long strolls or picnics.
One of the major attractions is the Cathedral Saint-Caprais which stands atop a hill overlooking the city centre. Its 12th century Romanesque architecture is stunning, especially at night when it's lit up by spotlights against the dark sky.
Another must see while in Agen is Porte de l'Esplanade - an old medieval gate built in 1588 that still stands today as a reminder of this cities past history and culture. Last but not least, don't forget to visit Place Joachim du Bellay where you can try some local cuisine at one of its many restaurants or enjoy some outdoor entertainment with street performers taking place here daily during summertime!