Discover La Rochelle

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La Rochelle is a historic port city located on the western coast of France. The city is known for its charming old-town atmosphere, with cobblestone alleys, colorful half-timbered houses and plenty of seafood restaurants. La Rochelle also has two medieval towers that date back to the 13th century - Tour de la Chaine and Tour St Nicolas - which served as defense points from naval attacks in times past.

The harbor area is a vibrant place with plenty of yachts, ferries and fishing boats ready to take visitors on trips around the bay or across the Atlantic Ocean. There are several parks and plazas where people can enjoy some leisure time outdoors, including Place de Verdun or Place du Marche Central.

To experience some of La Rochelle's culture, visitors should explore Vieux Port ("Old Port") and its many shops, including art galleries and gourmet stores selling local delicacies such as foie gras or oysters freshly harvested from nearby estuaries. For an unforgettable view over the cityscape at night, travelers can climb up one of La Rochelle's towers for a panoramic view over the illuminated bay area.