Discover Colomiers

38.8 thousand

Colomiers is a small city in the Toulouse region of France. With a population of around 20,000, it's known for its peaceful atmosphere and its close connection to nature. The city is surrounded by green spaces and parks, making it an ideal spot for walks or bike rides.

One highlight of Colomiers is the Chateau de l'Hers - a 12th century castle located within the city limits. Visitors can explore the ancient walls or picnic in the lush surrounding gardens. The chateau also frequently hosts cultural events and concerts throughout the year giving visitors plenty of ways to experience local tradition and heritage.

Another popular spot in Colomiers is Place Charles-de-Gaulle - a vibrant square filled with restaurants, cafes, shops, and street performers that give tourists plenty to see and do during their visit. This area provides an excellent way for visitors to interact with locals as well as experience traditional French culture firsthand!