Discover Le Mans

144.5 thousand

Le Mans is a beautiful city located in the Pays de la Loire region of France. It is host to a variety of historic sites and attractions, which makes it an ideal destination for tourists. The city boasts over 2000 years of history, making it one of the oldest cities in France.

The main attraction in Le Mans is the 24 Hours of Le Mans race, held annually since 1923 on the Circuit de la Sarthe track. This legendary race draws thousands of people each year and continues to be one of the most popular motorsport events in Europe.

Other highlights include Notre Dame de La Couture church - one of the oldest churches in France - as well as medieval ruins such as those at La Chartre Abbey and Chateau du Lude castle. Visitors can also explore various galleries and museums, or visit St Julien Cathedral which dates back to 1067AD. Finally, don't miss out on tasting some local specialities such as galette saucisse (sausage pancakes) or poire au cidre (pear cider).