Discover Nantes

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Nantes is a city in the Loire-Atlantique department of France, located on the Loire River estuary. It has a population of approximately 300,000 and is an important cultural hub in western France. The city is known for its numerous bike paths and waterways that make it one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in Europe. The city center has a rich history with medieval architecture, including the spectacular Castle of the Dukes of Brittany, which was built from 1386 to 1466. Other attractions include Place Royale (17th century), Bouffay Quarter (medieval quarter), Jardin des Plantes (botanical garden), Passage Pommeraye (19th century shopping mall). For those looking for some relaxation time, there are several parks and gardens around Nantes to enjoy. Visitors may also take part in various festivals that take place throughout the year such as La Folle Journee de Nantes or Festival Musiques Metisses. With its great location along the Loire river and beautiful historic sights, Nantes is a great destination for tourists looking to explore western French culture.