Discover Saint-Nazaire

Saint-Nazaire is a beautiful city located on the French Atlantic coast in the Pays de la Loire region. With its ideal location and stunning scenery, it has become one of France's most popular destinations for holidaymakers. Boasting an impressive array of historical sites, cultural attractions and natural beauty, Saint Nazaire is sure to leave visitors with lasting memories.

One of Saint-Nazaire's main attractions is its old harbour which was constructed by Napoleon himself. Here you can take a boat trip around the old industrial port area or visit the fascinating Submarine Espadon Museum which offers an insight into life onboard a submarine during WWII.

The city also boasts some great beaches and green spaces like Place de la Concorde where locals often meet to enjoy their free time together with friends and family. For those looking for something unique, The Sea Serpent sculpture at Place Guy Petit presents an impressive visual spectacle while providing information about sea pollution in France. Finally, don't forget to pay a visit to La Baule Bay where you can spend some quality time soaking up the sunshine on one of France's most beautiful beaches!