Discover Marseille

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The city of Marseille is located on the Mediterranean coast of France, and is the country's second largest city. It has a unique charm with its old quarters and narrow winding streets, as well as its bustling waterfronts. Visitors to Marseille can explore a variety of sites and activities. One must-see is the iconic Notre Dame de la Garde, a 19th century neo-Byzantine basilica that overlooks the city from atop a hill. The Vieux Port (Old Port) is also home to many restaurants and bars with stunning views over the marina. There are plenty of beaches along the coastline for sunbathing or swimming in calm waters; Prado Beach is one of the best in town. Marseille also boasts many cultural attractions such as art galleries, museums, theaters, ancient churches, open markets and much more. For an unforgettable experience in this vibrant French port city there's no shortage of things to see and do!

Best time to visit

Month Temp (Min/Max) Avg. Weather Touristy Mark
January 3°C / 11°C
February 3°C / 12°C
March 6°C / 16°C
April 9°C / 18°C
May 13°C / 22°C
June 16°C / 28°C
July 19°C / 30°C
August 19°C / 30°C
September 15°C / 25°C
October 12°C / 20°C
November 7°C / 15°C
December 4°C / 11°C