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Tbilisi is the vibrant capital of the country of Georgia. The city has a rich history and culture, as well as stunning natural beauty, making it a great destination for travelers looking to explore Eastern Europe. Located in the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains along both banks of the Mtkvari River, Tbilisi is known for its colorful old town and winding cobblestone streets. Tourists can visit monuments such as Narikala Fortress, Metekhi Church and Anchiskhati Basilica that date back to medieval times. Additionally, visitors can soak up local culture at one of the many museums or sample some traditional Georgian cuisine in one of Tbilisi's renowned restaurants. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, there are plenty of hiking trails nearby that offer spectacular mountain views. No visit to Tbilisi would be complete without a stroll through Vera Park or Rustaveli Avenue - two popular destinations with locals and tourists alike - where one can shop for souvenirs or simply admire beautiful architecture against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains.

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