Visit Baden-Württemberg

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Baden-Wurttemberg is a state in southwestern Germany known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and diverse culture. This area between the Rhine, Neckar and Danube rivers is home to the world-famous Black Forest, providing visitors with plenty of outdoor activities such as skiing, camping, hiking and biking. In addition to its natural beauty Baden-Wurttemberg also offers a variety of attractions from castles like Hohenzollern Castle to cultural sites like Old Town in Heidelberg.

A must-see destination in Baden-Wurttemberg is Stuttgart's Wilhelma Zoo & Botanical Garden which features over 4500 species of plants and animals. Another popular attraction is the Porsche Museum which displays some of the German carmaker's most iconic models.

In addition to these modern sites, Baden-Wurttemberg has an interesting history that dates back centuries. One example is its capital city Stuttgart which was first founded by Roman soldiers as a camp in eighth century BC making it one of Germany's oldest cities.