Discover Berlin

3.4 million

Berlin is the capital and largest city of Germany. It's a major cultural and economic hub, home to world-renowned universities, theatres, museums, and other intellectual institutions. Tourists flock to Berlin to explore its vibrant nightlife, experience its unique history, as well as its rich art scene.

A must-see for tourists is the Brandenburg Gate - an iconic 18th century structure that served as a symbol of division during the Cold War era. Another popular tourist spot is Checkpoint Charlie - one of the most famous crossing points between East and West during this same period.

Berlin also has a long and fascinating history dating back centuries; in fact it was first mentioned in official records around 1237AD! Today it's known for being one of Europe's most culturally diverse cities - with immigrants making up nearly 20% of its entire population.

Best time to visit

Month Temp (Min/Max) Avg. Weather Touristy Mark
January 0°C / 3°C
February 0°C / 5°C
March 3°C / 10°C
April 8°C / 16°C
May 13°C / 20°C
June 17°C / 24°C
July 19°C / 26°C
August 18°C / 26°C
September 14°C / 21°C
October 9°C / 15°C
November 5°C / 9°C
December 2°C / 5°C