Visit Brandenburg

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The Brandenburg region of Germany is an area that many people visit for its rich history and cultural attractions. Located in the north of the country, it borders four other German states and is home to some amazing landmarks and sites.

Popular tourist attractions in the area include Sanssouci Palace, a Baroque-style palace built by Frederick the Great in 1745; Neuer Markt Square, a historic public square dating back to 1448; and Spree Forest, one of Germany's largest national parks. Visitors can also explore old castles like Burg Rabenstein or discover traditional towns such as Bad Saarow-Pieskow with its 18th century spa house.

An interesting historical fact about Brandenburg is that it was once part of Prussia until 1945 when it became part of East Germany under Soviet rule until 1990 when reunification occurred following the fall of the Berlin Wall. Today, Brandenburg remains one of Germany's most popular destinations due to its beautiful scenery and numerous historical sites.