Visit Lower Saxony

8.0 million

Lower Saxony is a German state in the northwest of the country. It borders on North Rhine-Westphalia,
Hesse, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt and has an area of 47,624 square kilometres. The capital and largest
city is Hanover. Lower Saxony boasts beautiful hills, forests, beaches and rivers which make it a great
destination for tourists looking to explore Germany's natural beauty. Popular tourist attractions include the
cities of Hannover and Goslar; both have stunning medieval architecture to marvel at. The city of Bremen is
also worth visiting with its interesting historical buildings including the Bremen Town Hall which dates back
to 1512 as well as its Gothic Cathedral from 1230. An interesting historical fact about Lower Saxony is that it was occupied by Denmark during World War II until 1945 when British forces liberated the region.