Visit Rhineland-Palatinate

4.1 million

Rhineland-Palatinate is a state located in the western part of Germany along the Rhine River. It's the eighth most populous of Germany's sixteen states and has an area of 19,846 square kilometers. The capital is Mainz and other major cities include Koblenz, Trier, Neuwied, Kaiserslautern, and Worms.

The region offers a number of tourist attractions including the Gothic Cathedral at Trier and Festung Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in Koblenz. The ruins at Pfalzgrafenstein Castle on an island in the Rhine River are also popular with tourists. There are many castles throughout the region dating back to medieval times such as Burg Eltz near Moselkern which was built between 1020 and 1080 AD by three different families over eight centuries ago that still live there today!

The region also features some stunning natural scenery such as Hunsruck National Park and two sections of Rhineland-Palatinate are UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Upper Middle Rhine Valley (Oberes Mittelrheintal) for its spectacularly beautiful river landscape; and Speyer Cathedral for its Romanesque architecture. An interesting historical fact about