Visit Saarland

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The Saarland is a small German land located in the southwest of the country, between France and Luxembourg. It is home to many historical sites, beautiful forests and scenic rivers. Popular attractions include the Saarbrucken Castle, which was built in 1000 AD and offers spectacular views of the surrounding cityscape from its central tower. There are also several museums with exhibits on history, culture, art and science for visitors to explore. The nearby Mettlach Abbey is a remarkable example of Romanesque architecture which dates back more than 900 years.

For outdoor enthusiasts there are plenty of recreational activities to enjoy such as hiking through wildflower-filled meadows or canoeing down one of the many rivers in the region. In autumn you can take part in traditional wine festivals that celebrate local wines made from Riesling grapes grown on steep vine terraces along the hillsides.

One interesting historical fact about Saarland is that it was once an independent state known as Saar Protectorate from 1947 until 1957 under French rule after World War II before being returned to Germany's control.