Visit Schleswig-Holstein

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Schleswig-Holstein is a state located in the northernmost part of Germany, bordered by Denmark and the Baltic Sea. It is known for its beautiful countryside and coastal scenery, as well as its rich history. Popular tourist destinations include Lubeck, which was once an important trading center of the Hanseatic League; Husum Castle, which dates back to 1425; and the island of Sylt, offering stunning beaches and sand dunes.

In addition to its spectacular natural attractions, Schleswig-Holstein has a fascinating historical past. The region's boundaries were contested between Germany and Denmark from the 15th to 19th centuries before finally becoming part of Prussia in 1866. This same period saw a strong influence from Danish culture on everyday life in Schleswig-Holstein, including language. To this day, many residents still speak both German and Low German dialects related to Danish or Frisian languages.