Visit Attica Region

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The Attica Region of Greece is located in the eastern part of the country and includes the city of Athens. It is surrounded by mountains and has an abundance of historical sites, beaches, parks, and other attractions.

A must-see attraction in Attica is the Acropolis of Athens, a citadel built during antiquity that contains some of ancient Greece's most iconic monuments such as the Parthenon temple. Other great places to explore are Mount Hymettus, with its lush forests and great views; Vouliagmeni Lake; and Cape Sounion where you can admire its ancient Temple of Poseidon.

Attica was also home to many important historical figures including Plato and Socrates who founded one of first organized schools here called The Academy. Additionally, it also features some interesting archaeological sites such as Eleusis which used to be a major cult center dedicated to Demeter - goddess of agriculture - in ancient times