Explore Haiti

9.8 million
Haitian Creole, French
Haitian gourde

Haiti is a vibrant Caribbean country full of life and culture. From the colorful markets to the beautiful beaches, Haiti offers something for everyone.

This land of adventure and culture has been shaped over centuries and visitors will discover a unique blend of French, African and Caribbean influences throughout their trip.

One interesting fact about this country is that it’s home to the Citadelle Laferrière, the largest fortress in the Americas which was built by former slaves in the early 1800s. This fortress is now one of Haiti’s most iconic attractions.

Visitors should also plan to explore Port-au-Prince, the nation’s vibrant capital city. Here you will find all sorts of outdoor markets and street vendors, historical sites, and a wide variety of local restaurants.

Be sure to visit Haut du Cap with its stunning white sand beaches, Jacmel with its quaint cobblestone streets, and Mole Saint Nicolas located along the northwest coast. While exploring these places don’t forget to try some of the local dishes like griyo (fried pork cubes) and legim (stir fry vegetables).

For those looking for a hidden gem there's Labadee, an exclusive resort town located north east of Port-au-Prince on a private peninsula surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters. It’s the perfect place for a peaceful beach getaway.

Overall, Haiti is an unforgettable destination with plenty of interesting sights and activities to explore. From learning about the country’s rich history to discovering beautiful beaches, Haiti has something to offer everyone.