Visit Southern Peninsula Region

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The Southern Peninsula Region of Iceland is a breathtaking area with scenic landscapes, vibrant wildlife, and plenty of outdoor activities. Located on the southern tip of the island nation, this region contains some of the most beautiful glaciers and fjords in the world. The wealth of sights make it one of Iceland's premier tourist destinations. Tourists can explore volcanic regions like Solheimajokull glacier or take advantage of whale watching tours to observe humpback and minke whales swimming around Vik i Myrdal. Additionally, Reynisfjara beach is a picturesque black sand beach where visitors can get an up close view of basalt columns built from ancient oceanic eruptions. Historically speaking, this region was home to some Viking settlers that established their first settlement in 874 AD at Reykjanesbaer which later became known as Reykjavik - Iceland's capital city today!

Cities in Southern Peninsula Region

Suðurnesjabær, Keflavík, Grindavík, Vogar, Reykjanesbær