Visit Assam

The state of Assam is located in the northeastern part of India and is bordered by Bhutan, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram, and Meghalaya. It has a reasonably sized population of over 31 million people and is known for its exquisite wildlife sanctuaries that are home to endangered species like the Great Indian One-horned Rhino. The majority of its residents are Hindu but there is a significant minority population that practices Christianity and Islam.

Assam has many wonderful places to explore including Kaziranga National Park - famous for its one-horned rhinos - as well as Manas National Park which holds an array of flora and fauna. For those looking for a more spiritual experience can visit the Kamakhya Temple situated atop Nilanchal Hill in Guwahati city or take part in Namami Brahmaputra festival which celebrates Assamese culture with traditional music, dance performances, boat racing etc.

An interesting historical fact about Assam is that it served as an important gateway between South East Asia & China during ancient times when tea was first introduced to India by British East India Company from China in 1823 at Searsole Raj Estate near Darjeeling.