Discover Guwahati

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Guwahati is the largest city in the state of Assam and is located on the banks of the Brahmaputra River. It's often referred to as 'the gateway to Northeast India' because of its accessibility to neighbouring states. It's a bustling metropolis with modern shopping malls, restaurants, and businesses that cater to all types of travellers.

The Umananda Temple, situated on a picturesque hill on the river's northeast bank, is one of Guwahati's biggest attractions. This ancient temple dates back more than 400 years and features intricate carvings depicting tales from Hindu mythology. The nearby Assam State Museum houses artefacts that tell stories about Assam's diverse heritage and culture.

The centuries-old Kamakhya Temple sits atop Nilachal Hill and is one of India's most important sites for Hindus who come here by their thousands each year during pilgrimage season (Ambubachi Mela). A dip in the holy Brahmaputra River along with an evening stroll through Guwahati Planetarium are must-dos for any visitor wanting an authentic experience in this vibrant city!