Discover Rewāri

Rewari is a city located in the state of Haryana in India. It is historically known for its strategic importance since ancient times due to its location on the Amber-Delhi road. As such, it has seen influences from various rulers and dynasties throughout the ages resulting in a range of architectural wonders including temples, forts, and palaces.

An interesting thing to experience while visiting Rewari is to explore its famous bazars which are known as some of the best markets in North India offering items such as jewelry, fabric, spices and other household items at great prices. Shopping here can be an exciting experience given the vibrant atmosphere created by locals shouting out their wares while bargaining with customers.

The city also offers plenty of cultural attractions like Mandir Shri Radha Krishan Ji and Mandir Hanuman Ji where visitors can witness traditional rituals performed by Hindu priests which will surely leave them feeling energized afterwards. Finally, one should not miss a chance to sample some local food delicacies like jalebis (deep fried sweet flour snacks) or ghee kachoris (flaky deep fried stuffed bread made with chickpea flour). All these activities combined make Rewari an ideal destination for travelers looking for an authentic Indian experience.