Discover Sorada

Sorada is a small town in the Indian state of Odisha, located in the Ganjam district. It lies on the banks of River Rushikulya, and is known for its religiosity as an important pilgrimage center. The city has been a part of Hindu mythology since ancient times and boasts intricate temples and other monuments dotting its landscape.

Visitors to Sorada can explore several historical attractions like the Baidyanath Temple, Khetra Pali temple, Chandan Mahal palace and Barakuda Cave which are known to have existed since time immemorial. The ancient Buddhist complex housing ruins of monasteries, stupas and chapels can also be visited here. Visitors can also take part in various holy rituals such as 'Devi Puja' done by devotees at local temples or traditional fairs like Mesha Sankranti or Chaitra Parba that are celebrated with much zeal here every year. Other activities that can be enjoyed here include bird watching, shopping for souvenirs like jewelry made from precious stones unique to Sorada or simply taking pleasure in the scenic beauty of this quaint city surrounded by lush green vegetation offering breathtaking views all round!