Discover Āsansol

1.3 million

Asansol is a city located in the eastern part of India, in the state of West Bengal. It is an industrial hub and one of the largest cities in the country. The city is known for its rich cultural heritage, with many temples and monuments that provide visitors with insight into its history.

The famous Shakti Temple at Asansol showcases sculptures from Hindu mythology which dates back to 5th century CE. Visitors can also explore various structures like Rani Kuthi, Neelkuthi and Talpatti which were built by British rulers during colonial times. The nearby townships such as Ranigunj, Jamuria, Barakar are also popular destinations amongst tourists due to their architectural wonders.

Asansol's vibrant street markets display a wide range of local wares from spices to textiles that you can take home as souvenirs or just to enjoy shopping experience unique to this region . For those looking for some fun time activities , there are several amusement parks like Joyland , Aqua World , Premsagar etc where one can spend some quality leisure time with family and friends .