Explore Iraq

28.9 million
Arabic, Kurdish
Iraqi dinar

Iraq is a vibrant country that has been growing exponentially in recent years. While it has a tumultuous past, there is an energy and enthusiasm to the country that makes it a great destination for travelers.

One cool fact about Iraq is that the country is home to some of the oldest cities in human history. Erbil, located in the autonomous region of Kurdistan, was founded by the Hurrian people over 9000 years ago! Still standing today, it's an incredible place to visit for those looking for historical sites with plenty of culture.

Other major points of interest include Babylon, one of the ancient world’s most impressive cities, as well as Najaf, another major city known for its sacred shrines and historic markets. In addition to these attractions, you can also find amazing archaeological sites such as Nineveh and Nimrud - both offer stunning artifacts dating back thousands of years.

A hidden gem in Iraq that more adventurous travelers should check out is Sulaymaniyah. Located in Kurdish Iraq, this city has seen tremendous growth since the end of Saddam Hussein’s regime and offers stunning landscapes with rolling mountains, lush valleys and crystal-clear lakes.

No matter what your interests are, Iraq has something for everyone - from adventure seekers to cultural explorers. With so much to explore, this is definitely a place worth visiting for anyone interested in learning more about one of the world’s oldest countries.