Visit Connacht

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Connacht is one of the four provinces of Ireland, located in the west. Its capital is Galway City, which is situated at the mouth of River Corrib. Connacht has some spectacular landscapes to explore, including several lakes and mountains, as well as stunning coastline views all along its western region.

There are plenty of tourist attractions to visit in Connacht. Take a trip to Kylemore Abbey, one of the most famous castles in Ireland located near Connemara National Park. Or explore ancient ruins like Knockma Hill and Clonmacnoise Monastery that offer insight into Irish history and culture.

Aside from its tourist attractions, Connacht also has an interesting historical background dating back centuries ago when it was ruled by High Kings of Ireland who were closely linked with Clan O Conchobhair (O'Connor's). So don't forget to check out Towerhouse O'Connor for more information and interesting historical facts about this province!