Visit Abruzzo

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Abruzzo is a region in the central-eastern part of Italy. It is known for its beautiful countryside, mountains, and coastline. Abruzzo is an excellent destination for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking and skiing. Popular tourist destinations in Abruzzo include Sulmona, a quaint medieval town with its famous sweets; Pescara, renowned for its picturesque views of the Adriatic Sea; and Gran Sasso National Park which offers spectacular mountain scenery as well as opportunities to observe local wildlife.

For visitors interested in history and culture, Abruzzo also has much to offer. The area has a rich archeological heritage featuring Etruscan tombs and Roman ruins such as those found at Alba Fucens near Avezzano. In addition to ancient artifacts, there are also several Baroque churches in the region that have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Cathedral of San Guiliano Martire in Lanciano. Finally, visitors can explore the many castles that dot Abruzzo's landscape from Castello Piccolomini near Pescara to Castel del Monte near Isernia - both offering stunning views of their surrounding landscapes.