Visit Emilia-Romagna

4.5 million

Emilia-Romagna is located in the north of Italy and is a region known for its stunning scenery, delicious cuisine, rich cultural heritage and hospitable locals. Visit the city of Bologna to see its ancient buildings like Piazza Maggiore and the two leaning towers. Climb up to the Sanctuary of Santuario di San Luca which offers spectacular views over the city. For an even more impressive view, visit La Rocca di Ravalle near Ravenna to experience panoramic views across Emilia-Romagna's countryside.

When visiting Emilia-Romagna make sure to sample some of its delicious dishes like tortellini in brodo, or prosciutto crudo with melon! And don't forget a glass or two of Lambrusco wine!

It's also interesting to know that Emilia-Romagna was home to some famous people from history such as composer Giuseppe Verdi and writer Dante Alighieri. So why not explore this beautiful region for yourself?