Visit Molise

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Molise is a region located in south-central Italy, bordered by the Adriatic Sea to the east and Abruzzo to the north. It is an ideal destination for vacationers looking for a rural getaway with plenty of natural beauty and outdoor activities. There are many tourist attractions in Molise, such as Campobasso Castle with its ancient moat, and Castel San Vincenzo which dates back to the 18th century. Other popular destinations include Capracotta ski resort, Termoli beach resort, and Termoli's old town, where visitors can explore traditional architecture among winding cobblestone streets.

An interesting historical fact about Molise is that it was once part of Abruzzo until 1963 when it became its own autonomous region within Italy. This region has maintained much of its medieval character over time due to its historic cities like Isernia and Bojano which contain ancient artifacts from Roman settlements. The region also boasts some unique culinary dishes like 'scamorza' cheese which is made from cow milk curdled with vinegar or citric acid. All these reasons make Molise a great place for a relaxing holiday away from city stress!