Visit Sardinia

1.6 million

Sardinia is an enchanting Italian island located in the Mediterranean Sea. It's home to a variety of stunning beaches and quaint coastal villages, making it a favorite tourist spot for sun-seekers.

The capital city of Cagliari is home to many historical landmarks due to its long and varied history, including the distinctive Pisan towers that date back to the Middle Ages. There are also plenty of museums, art galleries and restaurants in the city center providing a great opportunity to explore its culture.

No trip to Sardinia would be complete without visiting La Maddalena National Park, where you can take a boat ride around the islands' many coves and admire breathtaking views from atop their rocky cliffs. And Costa Smeralda is another must-see destination for luxury beach resorts, marinas and golf courses along with stunning panoramas of the emerald coastlines.

Did you know that Sardinia was once called "the island of giants"? This name came from archaeological findings that suggested its inhabitants in prehistoric times were much larger than their contemporaries on mainland Italy!