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Cathedral of Pisa

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The Cathedral of Pisa, also known as Pisa Cathedral, is a magnificent architectural marvel located in the heart of Pisa, Italy. This medieval Roman Catholic cathedral, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, is a testament to the grandeur of Romanesque architecture. Its construction began in 1063 by the architect Buscheto, making it one of the oldest cathedrals in Italy. The cathedral’s white marble facade, intricately designed interiors, and the bronze doors are a sight to behold.

While visiting the Cathedral of Pisa, one should not miss the chance to see the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, which is actually the cathedral’s freestanding bell tower. Another must-see is the cathedral’s pulpit, designed by Giovanni Pisano, which is considered a masterpiece of medieval sculpture. The cathedral, with its rich history and stunning architecture, offers a unique and enriching experience to all its visitors.

Plan your visit

  1. Bring comfortable walking shoes as the cathedral is located on a large complex with many stairs and uneven cobblestone pathways.
  2. Check the operating hours of the Cathedral before visiting to make sure you can make it inside for your visit.
  3. Wear sun protection - hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen - to protect yourself from the strong Italian sun while exploring outside areas of the Cathedral complex.
  4. Take some time to explore Pisa’s city centre after visiting the Cathedral to get a feel for its unique atmosphere and culture-filled streets lined with shops, cafes, restaurants and bars all worth discovering!
  5. Make sure to take lots of photos during your visit so you can remember this amazing experience forever!

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