Visit Veneto

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The Veneto region of Italy is situated in the north-eastern corner of the country, bordering Austria and Slovenia. It is a beautiful landscape filled with rolling hills, vineyards and medieval towns. The region is full of history, culture and culinary delights.

One must-see tourist attraction in the Veneto is Venice, the romantic city built on a lagoon. Here visitors can explore St Mark's Square, view Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper at Santa Maria della Salute or take a gondola ride through enchanting canals. Verona, home to Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet is also worth a visit for its Roman amphitheatre, grand palaces and lively piazzas.

The Veneto also has important historical sites such as Padua's Basilica di Sant'Antonio which was built between 1230 to 1350 and contains works by Giotto di Bondone amongst others. Another interesting fact about the area relates to wine production; it produces some of Italy's best red wines including Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG (a type of red wine).