Explore Japan

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Japan is an incredible country, full of inspiring culture and beauty just waiting to be explored. From its modern cities and traditional temples, to its breathtaking mountains, Japan can provide something for everyone.

One interesting fact about the country is that it has nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Himeji Castle and Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in Kii Mountain Range.

When travelling through Japan you must visit Tokyo, the nation's capital, where you can explore everything from amazing nightlife to tranquil gardens. Then there’s Kyoto, home of many centuries-old shrines and temples such as Kinkaku-ji, better known as the Golden Pavilion. In Osaka there are countless lively attractions such as Dotonbori, Universal Studios Japan and the Floating Garden Observatory.

For a hidden gem experience, head out of Tokyo to Fujigoko or the Fuji Five Lakes region. You can enjoy stunning views of Mount Fuji from nearby lakes Kawaguchiko (the most popular) and Yamanakako while being surrounded by lush green forests filled with small shrines and walking trails.

No matter what your travel style is – whether it’s taking in historic sites or seeking out new adventures – Japan has something for everyone! With its incredible sights, sounds and flavors, this fascinating destination promises memories that will last a lifetime.