Visit Aomori Prefecture

Aomori Prefecture is a stunningly beautiful part of Japan located on the northernmost tip of the main island, Honshu. It is surrounded by crystal blue waters and breathtakingly scenic mountains. The prefecture offers a wealth of experiences from exploring its forests, visiting its numerous hot springs and sampling delicious local delicacies.

One must-visit tourist spot in Aomori Prefecture is Hirosaki Castle, which was built in 1611 by Tsugaru Tamenobu. Its unique Japanese-style grounds make it one of the most beautiful castles in all of Japan. Another popular destination is Lake Towada-ko, an immense caldera lake with breathtaking views that can be enjoyed from any number of hiking trails around its shoreline.

The prefecture's history dates back to 710 when it became part of Mutsu Province and the Matsudaira clan took control in 1603 during the Edo period. One interesting historical fact about Aomori Prefecture involves Tsugaru Tamenobu's daughter, Princess Sen who became known as "The Human Clock" as she could always tell what time it was just by looking at the position of stars in the night sky!