Visit Fukui Prefecture

The Fukui Prefecture of Japan is surrounded by the Sea of Japan and is known for its natural beauty and historical sites. The city of Fukui has been inhabited since ancient times, making it a great spot to explore Japanese history and culture. In addition, the prefecture is home to some breathtaking nature spots like Awara Onsen and Tojinbo Cliff, both offering beautiful coastal views.

One must-visit spot in Fukui is the city of Eiheiji, which houses the Eiheiji Temple complex. Built by Zen Buddhists in 1244, it remains one of Japan's most important spiritual centers today. The temple grounds are surrounded by lush forested hills and streams, creating an atmosphere of serenity that visitors won't soon forget.

Another attraction in Fukui Prefecture is the Ichijodani Asakura Clan Ruins Historical Park located in Fukui City. This park was once home to a powerful samurai clan during the 15th century; visitors can explore castle ruins as well as reconstructed homes and gardens from that era to get an idea what life was like back then.

Overall, there's lots to see and do in this beautiful prefecture!

Cities in Fukui Prefecture

Ono, Asahi, Katsuyama, Sabae, Mikuni, Ōi-gun, Takefu, Obama, Tsuruga, Maruoka, Fukui