Discover Kushiro

Kushiro is a coastal city located on the eastern side of Hokkaido, Japan. It has many natural attractions and sites, including Lake Akan (a caldera lake), Kushiro Marsh (Japan's largest marshland) and Kushiro Shitsugen National Park. The nearby Mt. Oakandake offers beautiful views of the city and its surroundings. Besides its nature spots, there are also various museums, art galleries and shopping malls in the area that attract many tourists each year.

When visiting Kushiro you should definitely take a walk around Lake Akan to admire the breathtaking views or explore some of the local traditional sites like Zuishinmon Gate or Sogen-ji Temple which are both symbols from the Edo era. To experience Japanese culture visit one of the nearby Ainu villages where you can try out some traditional activities like wood carving or weaving as well as sample some unique Ainu foods. Finally don't miss out on trying some delicious local seafood dishes while you're here - such as grilled salmon over charcoal - which can really be enjoyed in this region!