Visit Ishikawa Prefecture

The Ishikawa Prefecture is a beautiful area of Japan located in the Hokuriku region on the Sea of Japan. The prefecture has many interesting sights and activities for visitors to enjoy. Its capital city, Kanazawa, is home to a variety of historical sites and cultural attractions, including Kanazawa Castle and Kenrokuen Garden. The nearby Noto Peninsula offers stunning views as well as opportunities for fishing, swimming, hiking and beach-going.

The scenic town of Wajima is also located in Ishikawa Prefecture; it's known for its traditional morning market featuring fresh seafood and local crafts. A visit to Kakusenkei Gorge is an absolute must - with its lush greenery and crystal-clear river it's become an iconic spot in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Ishikawa Prefecture has a long history stretching back to prehistoric times; archaeological findings indicate that humans were living there as far back as 3300 BC! It was also once part of the powerful Kaga Domain during the Edo period from 1609 - 1868. Today one can still find evidence of this time in places like Daishoji Castle Park which preserves some original buildings from that era.

Cities in Ishikawa Prefecture

Tsurugi-asahimachi, Tsubata, Kanazawa, Hakui, Nonoichi, Komatsu, Matsutō, Suzu