Visit Mie Prefecture

The Mie Prefecture of Japan is located in the Kansai region and neighbors Aichi, Gifu, Shiga, Nara, and Wakayama prefectures. Its capital city is Tsu City. Mie is known for its beautiful ancient shrines and temples such as the Ise Grand Shrine that has been a symbol of prosperity since the 7th century. Other popular tourist destinations include Suzuka Circuit, a race track where various motor sports events are held; Iga-Ueno Castle ruins; Matsusaka beef; and Akame 48 Waterfalls.

Additionally, Mie offers a unique glimpse into Japanese history with places like Nabana no Sato Theme Park where visitors can experience traditional Japanese culture such as tea ceremonies or calligraphy lessons. Visitors can also take part in exciting activities like river cruises on Nagara-gawa River or explore underground caves in Ueno Park's Karst Plateau limestone cliffs. Historians should make sure to visit Oka Castle which dates back to 1584 when it was constructed by Lord Mori Terumoto of Takamatsu Domain during Sengoku period Japan.

Cities in Mie Prefecture

Kameyama, Ise, Tsu, Nabari, Shima, Toba, Suzuka, Komono, Inabe, Owase, Kumano, Kuwana